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Our Current Weekly Calendar

  Rector's Discretionary Fund Sunday, 1st Sunday 
  8:00 AM, The Lord's Supper, Rite I, Elizabethan English 
  9:00 AM, Fellowship 
  9:15-10:00 AM, Intergenerational Christian Ed 
  10:15 AM, Saint Anselm's Ark (Children's Church School) and Nursery 
  10:15  AM, The Lord's Supper, Rite II, Modern English 
  11:45 AM, Fellowship Hour 
  4:30 PM, Ultreya, 2nd Sunday 

  1:00 PM, Episcopal Church Women (ECW), 4th Monday 

  9:00 AM, Cursillo Grouping 

  11:45 AM, Birthday Luncheon, 3rd Wednesday 
  7:00 PM, Vestry Meeting, 2nd Wednesday 
  7:30 PM, Discernment Committee, 1st and 3rd Wednesday 

  9:00 AM, The Lord's Supper with Healing, Rite II, Modern English 
  10:00 AM, Bible study 
  11:00 AM, Order of Saint Luke, 3rd Thursday 
  12:00 PM, Dutch-treat Luncheon, last Thursday 
  6:00 PM, Youth Pizza with the Priest, 4th Thursday 
  7:00 PM, Choir rehearsal 
  7:00 PM, Long-term Planning Committee, 3rd Thursday 

  10:00 AM, Daughters of the King, 2nd Friday 

  4:00 PM, Youth Group, 4th Saturday 
  5:30 PM, Contemporary Music Eucharist, November 1-April 30